Mini Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants used for?

Dental Implants are the least invasive option for restoring the look and function of one or more teeth. Dental Implants are bio-compatible posts used to attach a new tooth, or secure dentures. They attach to the jaw bone while permanently attached to a custom-made bridge or crown. Dental implants are the foundation of restoring your natural looking smile while providing you with the strength and function or natural teeth.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants are similar to regular dental implants, yet have some important advantages.

Mini Dental Implants are typically less-invasive compared to regular dental implants and can fit in narrower gaps meaning that where regular dental implants may not have been an option for you in the past, mini dental implants may be able to replace your missing tooth.

How can Mini Dental Implants help stabilize my Dentures?

Loose dentures can cause you to miss out on eating your favorite foods, or cause someone to be afraid to laugh, smile, or speak in public. Mini dental implants can help provide long-term denture stability and help increase your quality of life and confidence.

How does the process work?

Once Dr. Leitner consults with you and recommends Mini Dental Implants, he will have you schedule an appointment for the placement of the implants. Typically, the implants can be placed in as little as 2 hours with local anesthesia.

Using a precise surgical technique, Doctor Leitner will place the mini implants into the jawbone. The heads of your implants will remain above the surface of the gum and provide a solid foundation onto which the doctor can place your new tooth, or he will use the implant as a foundation for affixing your dentures. Allowing you to snap on, and snap off your dentures while having the confidence to know that your dentures will stay in place.

Due to the less invasive nature of mini dental implants as compared to regular dental implants, many patients enjoy shorter healing times, although results may vary. Most patients are able to eat the same day with no pain. They are able to enjoy their favorite foods such as apples and Corn on the cob without fear of their dentures falling out, and without the messy and awful tasting pastes or cremes used to affix dentures that are not attached with mini implants. To learn more about the benefits that affixing your dentures with mini implants can afford you, please see the video below.

Are Mini Dental Implants Best for me?

While only a dental professional can tell you if Mini Dental Implants are right for you, generally, they were developed for those who patients who may meet one of the following criteria:

  • Patients who cannot withstand traditional dental implant surgery
  • Patients who do not have enough bone to allow for the placement of a full-sized dental implant

Please feel free to discuss whether Mini Dental Implants are best for you at your next appointment with Dr. Leitner, your Grand Haven Mini Implant Dentist.

Learn what Dr. Leitner's Patients feel about the results of the procedure

Want to know more about the technology behind mini dental implants? Download the 3M Mini Dental Implant Brochure