Dr. LeitnerIf you needed major surgery and had a choice between a doctor with minimal technical support or a doctor with up to date, state of the art technical support - which would you choose? Dr. Leitner and his staff have made every effort to stay current with dental technologies. A major stepping stone in this direction was the introduction of surgical microscopes in 2004. At that time he became a member of Academy of Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry (AMED). Microscopes in the treatment rooms have allowed Dr Leitner to offer a variety of new enhancements to patients - which means more precise treatment for you.

Dental Exam

With microscopes Dr. Leitner can view images at 20x their normal magnitude. This makes it much easier to find and treat decay, cracks in teeth (a leading cause of tooth loss in adults), calculus (tartar) on the sides of teeth, abcessed or infected teeth, and other dental situations.

Using the microscope Dr. Leitner can effectively use the latest dental technology to serve all your dental needs.

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