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November 16, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Why in the world does my jaw hurt so much? You may be asking yourself this question and wondering what you can do about the continual jaw paindiscomfort. Well, your Grand Haven, MI dentist, John Leitner DDS, can help. Dr. Leitner accurately can diagnose the source of your jaw pain and recommend treatment options to get you healthy and pain-free.

Sources of jaw pain

Medical News Today reports that millions of people suffer some degree of jaw joint pain. When linked to dental issues, the most common source of the discomfort is TMJ, or TMD, a disorder of the temporomandibular joints at the side of the head. Causing popping and clicking noises, headaches, ear and facial pain, inability to open and close the mouth, arthritis and more, temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be difficult to diagnose and manage.

Additional sources of jaw pain include misaligned dental bite, failing restorations (crowns and fillings), teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), and even advanced tooth decay and gum disease. So when your jaw hurts, see your Grand Haven dentist right away for a complete oral examination. Painful jaw joints rarely get better by themselves.

Diagnosing and treating jaw pain

Dr. Leitner has worked with scores of patients who are experiencing jaw joint pain. He uses visual inspection, digital X-rays and the latest in dental technology to pinpoint the underlying causes.

For instance, he uses Tek Scan Occlusal Analysis to precisely view how a patient's teeth bite, or occlude, together. The information gathered by the T-Scan II apparatus tells Dr. Leitner how intense biting forces are and how they are distributed. Dr. Leitner likes to see a dental bite be properly balanced for optimal oral function and for bone, joint and dental longevity.

When he diagnoses temporomandubular joint dysfunction, Dr. Leitner may offer any number of treatment options. He strives to suit treatment to the patient's individual needs and preferences.

A care plan may include:

  • Custom-crafted acrylic mouth guards to alleviate bruxism
  • Restoration of worn tooth enamel with crowns or fillings as needed
  • Replacement of deteriorating restorations
  • Relaxation exercises to relieve tension on the jaw muscles
  • Referral for orthodontic care

Discover the source

And get some much deserved relief. If your jaw hurts, don't suffer. Contact your dentist, Dr. John Leitner in Grand Haven for a one-on-one consultation. His kind, compassionate manner, and astute diagnostic skills will help you feel better. Call today: (616) 842-2850.