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By Office of John Leitner, DDS
June 26, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

T-Scan II: Computerized Bite AnalysisWhen your bite fits together just right, you don't even have to think about it. You can speak, chew and talk without worry and without pain. When your bite is off, however, the results are often noticeable - and painful. Thankfully, your trusted Grand Haven family dentist, John Leitner, DDS, has an exciting new technology that is perfect for diagnosing and treating bite problems - T-Scan II: Computerized Bite Analysis.

What is T-Scan II: Computerized Bite Analysis?

Traditionally, when a dentist wanted to check your bite, he or she would have you bite onto a piece of articulating paper. Along with a physical examination, this special paper allowed dentists to see how your teeth came together and to identify if there were any areas of excessive pressure. The problem with this technique, however, is that it could be imprecise and error-prone.

These days, the process is much more precise and reliable thanks to T-Scan II. T-Scan II uses the latest technology so your family dentist in Grand Haven can identify and treat bite problems more precisely, reliably and quickly than ever before.

Why is Having Proper Alignment So Important?

A bite that is out of alignment can result in a number of unwanted side effects. Common side effects of a misaligned bite include discomfort or pain of the jaw, neck or head, speech problems, breathing problems and an altered appearance. By using T-Scan II, your family dentist in Grand Haven can identify and repair these problems as soon as possible.

What are the Benefits of T-Scan II: Computerized Bite Analysis?

T-Scan II provides numerous benefits to both dentists and patients alike. Not only does it increase accuracy, but it can reduce or eliminate the need for multiple adjustments and follow-up appointments, improve patient education and monitor changes in bite over time. It can speed up appointment time, improve patient care and reduce the chances of costly dental mistakes.

If your bite seems slightly or drastically off when you chew or talk, it very well could be. Call your local family dentist, Dr. Leitner in Grand Haven, to set up an appointment for a T-Scan II assessment today.