What is Lifetime Whitening?
By John Leitner, DDS
January 29, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: whitening  

While visiting your Grand Haven family dentist, Dr. John Leitner, DDS, for professional teeth whitening is a great way to achieve an amazing white smile, the downside is that unfortunately no teeth whitening procedure offers permanent results. Once you return home, if you go right back to your old coffee drinking, tobacco using or poor oral hygiene habits, it won't be long until your teeth begin to discolor once again.

Here at the Dr. Leitner's office, we knew we needed a better solution. When you visit your Grand Haven family dentist for teeth whitening, you want results that will last, and we want that for you too. That's why we are now pleased to announce Lifetime Teeth Whitening!

How Does the Lifetime Whitening Program Work?

Enrolling and participating in the Lifetime Whitening Program is simple. All it takes is a small enrollment free, which you pay at a routine cleaning and exam, to sign up for the program. When you sign up, you will be given all of the custom bleaching trays and materials you need to achieve an amazing white smile. Use them at home on your schedule to achieve just the right amount of whitening that will look great for you.

Then each time you visit Dr. Leitner, your favorite family dentist in Grand Haven, for a routine cleaning and exam for the rest of your life, we will give you another touch-up tube of the special bleaching gel for free! No longer will you have to worry about running out of bleaching gel and having your beautiful smile turn dull or dingy. You'll have everything you need for a gorgeous white smile for the rest of your life!

Sounds Great! What's the Catch?

The program is great! The only catch is that we do ask that you return for your preventative check-ups every six months and that you give us 48 hours notice if you won't be able to keep your appointment for some reason. Routine dental visits are absolutely crucial for proper dental health and for catching any oral health problems before they start, and you should be keeping them anyways. This program simply provides a little extra incentive.

Why spend all of your hard earned money on a professional teeth whitening treatment that isn't even going to last? Instead, visit family dentist Dr. Leitner in Grand Haven and ask about our great Lifetime Whitening program today. We'll keep your smile looking amazing for a lifetime.