LANAP Laser Treatment and Gum Disease
May 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about this amazing way to manage your gum disease symptoms and improve your gum health.laser dentistry

Do you suffer from gum disease? Want to protect your oral health and prevent tooth loss? If so, then it’s time you visit the office of Dr. John Leitner in Grand Haven, MI, to learn more about LANAP laser treatment for managing your gum disease and keeping it under control.

If you want an effective way to treat your gum disease without needing surgery, then LANAP laser treatment is the way to go. This is the only system out there that can protect the health of your gums all while regenerating healthy tissue and bone development. Gum disease doesn’t just ruin the health of your gums, it can also lead to bone and tooth loss. By choosing to get this treatment, you can protect your entire mouth from the complications of periodontal disease.

What does the treatment entail?

Since the procedure takes a few hours to complete, you will most likely come in for two separate visits to make the procedure shorter and more manageable (we know it isn’t always easy or comfortable to sit for long periods of time in a dental chair). During each visit, we will use the laser system to go in between the pockets of the teeth and gums to destroy both the gum disease-causing bacteria and the infected tissue. The laser will also help us to remove bacteria from the roots of your teeth and the jawbone all while destroying tartar buildup. By removing bacteria and smoothing down the roots, we can also prevent more bacteria from thriving there.

Once everything has been disinfected and the diseased tissue has been removed, an amazing thing will happen: Your blood will naturally begin to thicken and create a sticky seal around these areas we treated. This seal will help prevent bacteria from re-entering the gums after your procedure.

Protect your beautiful smile and keep your gums as healthy as possible with LANAP laser treatment. If you want to learn more about this treatment option then contact Dr. John Leitner's office in Grand Haven, MI, today.