Good Oral Habits are Important for Your Whole Family
By Dr. John Leitner
August 08, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Habits  

Have you been wondering how you can get the whole family to have a healthier smile?

A healthy smile is probably one of the most important things you and your family can strive for. So what can you do to make sure that everyone in the family has a clean bill of health the next time they visit our Grand Haven family dentist Dr. John Leitner for their six-monthToothbrush cleaning? Find out now!

Start ‘em Young!

The sooner you start bringing your little ones in to visit their Grand Haven dentist, the better! Once children turn one year old, they should visit us every six months for routine cleanings and exams. The sooner you can get them acclimated with coming into our office the easier these visits will be.

Consider Fluoride Treatment

There are many great ways to protect your little one’s smiles from cavities, and one popular option is through fluoride treatments. While fluoride can be found in toothpaste and even the water you drink, not all children get enough fluoride necessary for healthy smiles. Talk to us about fluoride applications for you and your children.

Learn How to Brush and Floss Properly

It’s important that you make brushing and flossing a normal routine in your household. Maybe that means cleaning your teeth together as a family or setting a timer to make sure your children are brushing for at least two minutes every time they brush. Lead by example and make sure that your kids know how important it is to keep teeth clean. If you need pointers on how to brush and floss more effectively, don’t be afraid to ask us!

Visit the Dentist Regularly

This rule applies to everyone, no matter what age. Every six months is standard for preventive cleanings and exams to make sure that everyone’s smiles are free of decay, infection or disease. However, there are some cases that warrant visiting us more often including wearing braces or treating gum disease, so talk to us about how often everyone in your family should come in for a visit.

No matter if you have questions about how to properly care for your child’s growing smile or you need to schedule a routine visit, you can always turn to our Grand Haven family dental office for all of your smile needs. Give us a call today!